We believe massage therapy can provide you with healthful benefits that add to your overall healthcare experience at Chadwell Chiropractic. Our massage services include therapeutic and clinical massage therapy. Both types are beneficial but differ in the delivery methods. With therapeutic massage your massage therapist will use a lighter touch and even calming/relaxing oils during your session. Whereas, a clinical massage therapist will not use oils but rather offer deep tissue massage and mechanical movements to focus on your specific problem area.

Our massage therapists are certified and trained in order to provide you with all the healthful benefits. We are professionals who will treat you with the utmost respect before, during and after your massage. Whether you’re a new visitor or you are a regular, we will explain what to expect when you sign up for our massage services.

Massage therapy in conjunction with our chiropractic healthcare methods can help keep your spine and joints in alignment longer than having an adjustment or massage alone. Since our massage services are offered right out of our chiropractic office our chiropractor and massage therapists are able to communicate with each other to make sure your treatment is benefiting you along with measuring your recovery time.